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Enterprise5 - Workstation Software and Hardware Specifications
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Workstation Software Specifications
 Operating System - Microsoft Windows Only Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional
  Please ensure that all Windows Updates and "Optional" Updates are installed
  Not Supported:
  Non-Windows operating system environments
 Web Browsing Software Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 - if www.webmedx.com is added to the "Compatibility View Settings" under the Internet Explorer "Tools" section
  Internet Explorer must be set as the "default" Windows web browser
  Not Supported:
  Other web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome
Other web browsers will not render the Enterprise5 Platform correctly
 Additional Required Software Sun Java - Please see the Enterprise5 Preparation guide
  Adobe Reader - Please see the Enterprise5 Preparation guide
Workstation Hardware Specifications
 Workstation Type PC Desktop or Laptop
  Netbook if operating system and hardware meet specifications
 Processor Speed Recommended: 3 GHz. or faster
  Minimum: 2 GHz
  Model Specific: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD XP
 Workstation Memory/RAM Recommended: 2 Gigabytes or more for Windows XP
  Recommended: 4 Gigabytes or more for Windows Vista or Windows 7
 Hard Drive 20% or more available hard drive space
 Peripherals Windows compatible mouse
  Windows compatible keyboard
  Speakers and/or Headset
  Windows compatible Sound Card
 Monitor and Video Card Minimum Required: capable of 1024 x 768 or greater resolution
 Optional Hardware for Transcription USB footpedal: Infinity brand, model: IN-USB or IN-USB2
  Not compatible: Digital-based footpedals
Networking and Connectivity for Client At Home Users
 Broadband Connection Type DSL or Cable connection only
  Use of Satellite, dial-up, Wireless Internet, AirCards, etc are recognized to cause issues when accessing a secure website (https://)
 Broadband Connection Speed Enterprise5 Standard: 3 Mbps download or higher and 756 Kbps upload or higher
  Highly Recommended: 7 Mbps download or higher - 1 Mbps upload or higher
  Minimum Recommended: 512 kbps download - 512 kbps upload
(users may experience connectivity issues when working in the Enterprise5 system if at the minimum recommended connection level)
Printers for Automatic Report Delivery
 Laser Printers Microsoft Windows HCL Laser Printer (HP, Lexmark, etc.) with 10/100BaseTX Network Adapter
 Barcode Printers High Volume (over 300/day)
  Zebra 105SL (P/N: 10500-2001-0030) w/ZebraNet Print Server
  Intermec 3400e (P/N: 3400E00400200) w/Network adapter
Barcode Readers
The following primarily refers to clients implementing an Enterprise5 Telephony (Voice Capture) solution
 Philips Speech Mike Pro - USB with barcode reader (P/N: 5282) - also see below in microphone section
 Intermec ScanPlus 1800 CCD (P/N: 0-360057-00)
 Intermec Hands-free Stand (P/N: 0-360029-00)
 Any Standard PC based "wedge" reader
 Philips Speech Mike Classic - USB (P/N: 5272)
 Philips Speech Mike Pro - USB with barcode reader (P/N: 5282) - see also above in barcode reader section
 Any standard PC Microphone (requires mouse for dictation screen navigation)
 GN-112 Gooseneck Microphone for DA-113HF/HFW or DA-113SM/SB also see below Dictation stations - analog based
 TCM-50B Lapel Microphone for DA-113HF/HFW or DA-113SM/SB - also see below Dictation stations - analog based
Dictation Stations - Analog-Based (DAC - Digital Accessories Corporation)
 Pathology Specific Solutions DA-113 HF - Hands Free Dictation Station w/Foot Control
  DA-113 HFW - Hands Free Dictation Station w/waterproof Foot Control
 Compatible Microphones DA-112 Gooseneck Microphone for DAC-113HF/HFW
  TCM-50B Lapel Microphone for DAC-113HF/HFW
 Other Dictation Station Solutions DA-113 SM - Dictation Station with single slide control microphone
 (includes handheld microphone) DA-113 SB - Dictation Station with single slide control barcode scan microphone
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