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Enterprise5 - Preparing Internet Explorer
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Preparing Internet Options for Internet Explorer is a prerequisite for all Enterprise5 Preparation Guides
  • Preparing Internet Explorer is streamlined by utilizing a custom designed (executable) file available for download as listed below. The custom file can be used with any version of Internet Explorer
  • Internet Explorer may also be manually configured utilizing the information contained within the appropriate link below
  • Currently Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, 11 is supported if www.webmedx.com is added to the "Compatibility View Settings" under the Internet Explorer "Tools" section
It is highly recommended that Internet Explorer 6 and 7 not be used as Microsoft no longer provides support or security updates for this version
  • Required changes to Internet Options are considered the "minimum required settings"
  • If multiple users are accessing the workstation, "Internet Options" will need to be prepared and configured for each Windows profile
Internet Explorer Downloads
Download: Enterprise5 - Client Automated Internet Explorer - Internet Options Configuration File
Run and Install Now: Enterprise5 - Client Automated Internet Explorer - Internet Options Configuration (when prompted select "run")
View changes made to Internet Options when using the automated file
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