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Enterprise5 - Preparation of Internet Options for Internet Explorer
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The automated configuration file prepares Internet Options for Internet Explorer
General Tab:
  Browsing History section -> Settings button
  Automatically = Check for newer versions of stored pages
  Disk Space to use: 250 MB
Security Tab:
  Internet Zone -> Suggested Level: Medium High then select Default Level (if allowed)
  Internet Zone -> Custom Level (button) - Only change these 2 settings:
  Enable = Display Mixed Content
  Enable = Allow Programmatic clipboard access
Trusted Sites -> Sites (button)
Uncheck -> Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone
Add the following "Trusted Websites"
Trusted Sites -> Custom Level (button)
Reset custom settings -> Set Low and select "Reset"
Once set to Low adjust the following settings:
  .NET Framework Section
  Enable = Loose XAML
  Enable = XAML browser applications
  Enable = XPS documents
  .NET Framework-reliant components Section
  Disable = Permissions for components with manifests
  Enable = Run components not signed with Authenticode
  Enable = Run components signed with Authenticode
  ActiveX controls and plug-ins Section
  Enable = Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompting
  Enable = Allow Scriplets
  Enable = Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls
  Enable = Binary and script behaviors
  Enable = Display video and animation that does not use external media player
  Enable = Download signed ActiveX controls
  Enable = Download unsigned ActiveX controls
  Enable = Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked safe for scripting
  Disable = Only approved domains to use ActiveX without prompt
  Enable = Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins
  Enable = Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting
  Downloads Section
  Enable = automatic prompting for file downloads
  Enable = File Download
  Enable = Font download
  Enable = Enable .NET Framework setup Section
  Miscellaneous Section
  Enable = Access data sources across domains
  Enable = Allow META REFRESH
  Enable = Allow scripting of Microsoft web browser control
  Disable = Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints
  Enable = Allow webpages to use restricted protocols for active content
  Enable = Allow websites to open windows without address or status bar
  Enable = Display mixed content
  Enable = Don't prompt for client selection when no certificates or only one certificate..
  Enable = Drag and drop or copy and paste files
  Enable = Include directory path when uploading files to a server
  Enable = Installation of desktop items
  Enable = Launching applications and unsafe files
  Enable = Launching files in an IFRAME
  Enable = Navigate windows and frames across different domains
  Enable = Open files based on content, not file extension
  Low safety = Software channel permissions
  Enable = Submit non-encrypted form data
  Disable = Use Pop-up Blocker
  Disable = Use SmartScreen Filter
  Enable = Userdata persistence
  Enable = Websites in less privileged web content zone can navigate into this zone
  Scripting Section
  Enable = Active scripting
  Enable = Allow status bar updates via script
  Enable = Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows
  Disable = Enable XSS filter
  Enable = Scripting of Java applets
  User Authentication Section
  Logon = Automatic logon with current user name and password
Privacy Tab:
  Medium High = Suggested Settings (Slider)
  Pop-up Blocker Section
  Checked = Turn on Pop-up Blocker
  Settings (Button):
  Leave at default except for "Blocking Level"
  Low: Allow pop-ups from secure sites
Advanced Tab:
  All are set at the default level except:
  Unchecked = Reuse windows for launching shortcuts
Preparation is now complete
Revision: 02/12/2014 Questions? - Please Contact the Nuance Enterprise5 Support Team - 877-932-6339 Revision: 02/12/2014