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Welcome to the Enterprise5 Downloads Page
Located throughout this site are preparation guides and downloads which are essential to accessing the features of the Enterprise5 system
Workstation Preparation Guides
Enterprise5 - Workstation Preparation Guides
Workstation preparation includes instructions for deploying the following Enterprise5 systems:
Enterprise5 Standard User and Base Preparation
Enterprise5 PC-Based Radiology Dictation System
Enterprise5 - Internet Explorer Preparation
Preparing Internet Explorer
Enterprise5 - Software and Hardware Specifications
Workstation Software and Hardware Specifications including: Operating System and Internet Explorer Versions
Enterprise5 - Workstation Plug-ins
Enterprise5 Audio and Reports and Spellcheck Dictionary Plug-in for Sun Java (version 5.0)
Enables a workstation to play audio, supports printing from within Enterprise5 and installs the Enterprise5 Medical Dictionary
(Please refer to the Enterprise5 - Workstation Preparation Guides before installing the plug-in)
Please note - Previous versions of the Enterprise5 Plug-Ins should first be uninstalled - Please note
How to Uninstall Previous Versions of the Enterprise5 Plug-ins
Additional Software for the Enterprise5 Systems
Download Sun Java version
Sun Java is required to utilize all Enterprise5 services
Please utilize version 1.8_77 or newers
Ensure no other versions of Sun Java are installed on the workstation
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Utilized to view and print documents from Enterprise5
Phillips Speechmike Drivers version 2.3 for Enterprise5 Systems
Use these drivers for Phillips Speechmike 2 Only - For Speechmike 3 utilize the included "Speechmike Control Center"
Required version for PC-Based Radiology and SARA Preparations
Bar-code Font for Bar-code Printers
For Clients utilizing Bar-Code Printing with the Enterprise5 PC-Based Radiology System
Revision: 03/20/2017 Questions? - Please Contact the Nuance Enterprise5 Support Team - 877-932-6339 Revision: 03/20/2017